The Wooden Spoon Co-Creation Project

We have recently started a new project in partnership with a University student Charlotte Walker. The aim of the project is to get more of you, our lovely customers, to try new recipes using our delicious products. The first recipe ‘Raspberry-kiss Truffles’ developed specially for Mother’s Day can be found on our Recipe page on our website or social media. Here is more from Charlotte:

The Co-Creation project aims to create inspiring, fun and creative twists on recipes, using The Wooden Spoon products. The simple and easy to follow recipe cards are available for people to collect a range of recipe ideas to make sweet and savoury delights.
With themed ideas for many occasions, new ways of using jams and preserves can be achieved easily, with the hope of a large book full of inspiring ideas for everyone to have as one of the aims!
From looking at trending popular recipes and foods, the cards aim to be original, exciting and above all very current to people. The project will look to ask people what recipes they would like to see developed and ideas they have, or giving inspiration that people may want, through social media engagement- to work with you!