Lemon-Lush Fingers


How to make this recipe

  • The Wooden Spoon Lemon Curd
  • 2 slices of white bread
  • Butter
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar


  • slice off the crust on both slices of the white bread and using the rolling pin, flatten completely both slices
  • Butter both slices and add the lemon curd in a thin layer but not too close to the edges, then sprinkle with cinnamon on the top of the curd
  • sandwich together (tip- use a fork to press and crinkle the edges down to seal it) and place in a hot frying pan with melted butter
  • fry and crisp both sides in the butter (lemon curd might ooze out but it’s fine!)
  • once crispy enough for you, cut into fingers and spread a small amount of butter on the warm outsides of the fingers and roll them in sugar mixed with cinnamon on a plate
  • serve warm with fruit, cream, honey, syrup, ice cream or anything you fancy!

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